Episode Data:

Episode Name:

The Experiment

Episode Number:

3 (2A)


Chuck Sheetz


Lesa Kite

Animation Director:

? (Uncredited)

Air Date:

September 20, 1997

Previous Episode:

The New Kid

Next Episode:

The Great Jungle Gym Standoff

Butch tells the gang about the effects of kissing the opposite gender, leaving them to have to experiment on what happens.


The gang are telling each other scary stories, until Butch shows up, with a recent white streak in his hair. He got it from what he believes was the scariest thing he saw: his older brother kissing his girlfriend. He warns the others about them starting to enjoy kissing, which leaves them scared. Later on, the gang decide to do an experiment on the effect of kissing, and they choose which two to kiss by pulling straws. It turns out that TJ and Spinelli would have to kiss, which they are a bit skeptical about. They get all dressed up and kiss in the schoolyard the next day, with everyone watching them. They seem to find it a bit gross, and they tell everyone that they didn't like it. When everyone leaves, both TJ and Spinelli act a bit shy about the kiss. Could it be that they really enjoyed it?


  • First appearances of Butch and the Ashleys (who would be unnamed until later on).
  • This is the first episode that hints a relationship between TJ and Spinelli.
  • This episode includes the first mention of the "legendary" Little Jimmy Crapner.
  • The clip with the kindergarteners spying on the kids through the trashcans was shown in a 1998 advertisement for One Saturday Morning, shown on the 1998 VHS of The Little Mermaid and as a commercial on ABC.