The Diggers
Diggers Dave and Sam
are identical best friends who always dig on recess.


Sam and Dave have always liked to dig, even from when they were babies.They helped many times TJ and his pals when they needed them.

Personality and AppearenceEdit

Dave often considers his way the only way to do things, and when he and Sam got into a fight, he kept lecturing the others on how to do things they already do well, even so far as to try and teach upside-down-girl how to hang upside down. He becomes less bossy when he and Sam get back together.

Sam can really overdo it without Dave telling him where to dig, and when he and Dave separated, he made craters on the whole playground. When steered in the right direction, however, he can be very efficient.

Both are never seen without their eyeglasses, and they both wear identical outfits: an orange helmet with a lamp on it, mustard yellow T-shirts, blue overalls, and red and white shoes. To distinguish themselves, Dave wears a white facemask around his neck, and Sam wears a red neckerchief. When the diggers separated, Dave temporarily dressed in a more casual outfit: sunglasses, a pink shirt with a big collar, blue jeans, and brown shoes.


  • While they are identical to one another, they aren't twins as many assume.