This was the first season of Recess. It premiered on ABC on September 13, 1997 and ended on January 10, 1998

This guide lists the order the episodes were originally broadcast on ABC. Reruns of the show rearanged the order.


1A. The Break In

1B. The New Kid

2A. The Experiment

2B. The Great Jungle Gym Standoff

3A. Jinxed

3B. Officer Mikey

4A. First Name Ashley

4B. To Finster with Love

5A. King Gus

5B. Big Brother Chad

6A. My Fair Gretchen

6B. Speedy, We Hardly Knew Ya

7A. I Will Kick No More Forever

7B. The Kid Came Back

8A. The Pest

8B. The Legend of Big Kid

9A. The Box

9B. The Trial

10A. Teacher's Lounge

10B. Randall's Reform

11A. Rainy Days

11B. The Great Can Drive

12A. The Voice

12B. Kids in the Mist

13A. Parents Night

13B. Swing On Thru to the Other Side