Parents Night
Parents Night
is Recess' third episode of Season 1.


Parents' Night is coming, and the gang except Spinelli is excited to bring their parents to school. Spinelli is apprehensive about her parents attending Parent's Night, having them not attend by making up excuses. Curious that she and her parents never attended Parents' Night (let alone that her parents are never seen), the gang attempt to have her attend. After a series of unhandy plans, Spinelli confirms that her parents will come. When Parents' Night comes, Spinneli's parents attend, impressing the gang. It is found that these are not her real parents as she paid them to pretend to be as such. This deal falls through and Spinelli's faux parents leave. Later that night, her real parents come, embarrassing their daughter and being worse than the gang expected. The Spinelli's eventually reconcile and return to Parents' Night.

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