King Gus is Recess seventh episode in Season 1.


When King Bob comes down with Tonsilitis,and his guards suggest to hire a substitue King to rule the playground while he is gone.Thats why he appoints Gus as the new King Of The Playground. At first the gang are very happy that Gus elected as the King. But stuff arent going that well, because TJ and the gang aren't allowed to chat with their friend ,who Gus begins to like being the King and starts ordering around. Gus came to the point to order his guards to take away his friends from his sight. He put TJ in 'jail', and later orders to rename 'Kickball' in 'Gusball'. Kids after kids bring cookies to their 'King' as he is going crazier after minute. The whole playground is sent to the 'jail' and they plan to smash Gus and release him from his position. King Bob finally arrives and take his crown back. With a humiliated Gus, the gang decide to forgive him.