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Character information


Gus Griswald




9 (10 in Taking the Fifth Grade)




Unnamed father, unnamed mother


Herbert (snake), Hoodlum (dog)


Student, the "heart" of the Recess gang.


T.J. Detweiler, Vince LaSalle, Gretchen Grundler, Mikey Blumberg



Voice actor

Ryan O`Donohue (The New Kid) Courtland Mead (Remainder of series)

Gustav Patton "Gus" Griswald is the newest student in Third Street School. He is voiced by Courtland Mead.

He is the newest student in Third Street Elementary and subsequently becomes a member of the gang.Gus is usually naive to the rules of the playground and its traditions. Gus comes from a very disciplined yet disabled military family, causing his family to move around frequently (having attended 12 schools in six years before he began attending Third Street). Gus's surname is similar to veteran Disney animator, Chris Wahl.


Gus is short and he has a short crop of blond hair on his head. He is usually dressed in a green shirt and his trousers are a daker shade of green that his shirt.

When he is older he will be 6,4 as predicted by Galileo.


Gus is a good natured if occasionally naive boy as his recent attendance in Third Street had him aware of the school's traditions such as kindergarten derby. He is also a master at dodgeball and has never been beaten under a pseudonym of "El Diablo" (Spanish for "The devil") in an old school he attended. He gave up on dodgeball after an incident at a previous school in which he accidently threw a dodgeball at a small boy, having him too afraid to go the playground and spending time indoors studying during recess. Gus often calls his Dad "Sir". Also, in return, his Dad calls him "Private". Gus is usually afraid of most things, but he tries to be strong no matter what happens.Gus sometimes is paranoid and usually power goes to his head. In King Gus he became King Of The Playground and he began bossing the other children around and creating a 'cookie tax'. In Germ Warfare he wanted to get rid of germs and desifect the world, thinking that germs are evil, putting him into conflict with Mikey,who treated germs as friends.


  • He doesn't appear in "The Break In" or "The Great Jungle Gym Standoff"