Gordy is a kid in TJ and the gang's class. While primarily a cameo character, he plays a central role in 'Nobody Doesn't Like TJ'.


Being a child, he is child-height, freckled, dark haired and skinned. His style consists of purple t-shirts and dark green trousers. Green baseball caps feature, also.


It seems that Gordy is the only child in Third Street who does not like TJ. This is revealed in 'Nobody Doesn't Like TJ', however it is not ever mentioned again. The shows creators have speculated that Gordy was perhaps merely experiencing some kind of domestic stress, i.e. an abusive father, and was made jealous at the sight of the ever-so-happy-go-lucky 'Teej'.

While his antipathe is not ever explained, it is several times stated to TJ's friends, before, at last, being expressed 'in math'. 'Me minus TJ equals good'. However, this has various corollaries, such as Gordy = TJ + Good, and what does that mean? And what does TJ = (-Good) + Gordy mean? What does (-Good) + (-TJ) + Gordy = 0 mean?

Perhaps Gordy should leave the math to the non-10 year olds...

When TJ asks him why he does not like him towards the end of the episode, Gordy says 'No reason, I just don't.' One possible explanation is that in another episode, the latter cut the hair of the former in a silly fashion, under the pretense that it was a highly fashionable new style, called 'The Mikey'. In fact, it was named after Mikey Blumberg, who had had his hair destroyed by chewing gum and a scissors. While a great number of students became caught up in the trend, Spinelli and Gretchen discovered and then laughed at them, informed them of how foolish they looked. Gordy was filmed responding in a particularly distressed way to this, proclaiming, 'But they (TJ and Vince) told us these hair cuts were cool!'


  • He is allergic to nuts.
  • In the episode "Wild Child", he is named Freddy. This might not be out of a continuity mistake, as Gordy wouldn't get his official name until later on in the series.
  • He is friends with Phil and Willy and is seen in most scenes in their company.
  • He does not like TJ.
  • He goes to Third Street School.
  • His principal is called Prickley.
  • His vice principal is called Finster.
  • He is in the same class as his friends and his enemy, TJ.